Interview with Turkish logo designer Bilal Kadic - Lazeefish

Bilal Kadic is Turkish logo designer and you probably know him as Lazeefish. His beautiful logo designs are distinguished by technical subtlety and smart combination of objects in one whole.

We asked him a few questions, and here's how he answered us.

Tell us more about yourself.

Bilal: My name is Bilal Kadic, of turkish origins. I hold a bachelor of architecture and worked a few years back as a design architect in Kuala lumpur (Malaysia) and Dubai. I am presently living in Algeria for work purposes, love travelling, learning from other communities and forging distinctive solutions for my clients all over the world.

How did you start with designing the logos?

Bilal: At a very young age, I loved drawing and playing with pencils and had a real focus on crafting logo designs, but things got genuine when I discovered around 2008 on the net logo contest platforms and started submitting entries for worldwide clients, I got involved with several clients and that was the beginning of a second professional career.

What has the greatest impact on you work?

Bilal: Well I would say a daily inspiration from anything that crosses my sight, my mind, my hearing, inspiration is a real motivation, a stimulant that help me move forward and get achievements done.

Briefly describe your design process.

Bilal: For ready made logos the process begins with an idea, sometimes I like to grab it directly with adobe illustrator to see how relevant it is and what I can create out of it.

Other times I need my pencil to start scratching and developing that idea, then scanning the final sketch and vectorising it with the computer. I have dozens of unfinished ideas, not all are going to see the light and be suitable to getting submitted on selling platforms. When I work with clients, the process is different, you have that go back and forth with him that makes it a little bit easier to achieve a result.

How your work space looks?  Do you work from home or have your own studio?

Bilal: I keep on moving from a place to another, my best friend is my laptop, it follows me everywhere. Sometimes I work in difficult configurations to satisfy my worldwide clientele.

Which is your logo work that you are most proud of?

Bilal: Logos that my clients are proud of, fulfilled and gratified by having them as the mark of their businesses are the one's that I love the most.

What are your most favorite logos on the LogoTarget designed by other designers?

Bilal: They are all my favorites, a real source of inspiration, level is just outstanding, keep it up guys!

How do you like LogoTarget? Would you recommend it to other designers?

Bilal: It's been a real compensation to have logotarget launched right after stocklogos was shut down. You guys are doing a great work, you will definitely attract more designers and buyers with time, I sincerely wish you prosperity, successful and a rapid growth.

Thank you Bilal and we wish you a lot of success in the future.

Logos designed by Lazeefish

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